The Flash

The Flash
Photo by Jacek Pobłocki / Unsplash

We knew it was coming. There was nothing we could do about it. Nothing but sit and wait. There was no time to run. Even if there was time, where would we go? It was the same everywhere; nowhere was safe.

At least we had each other. We heard the whooshing of the Reaper's cape above our heads and watched as his payload plummeted into the town we called home. We closed our eyes after the radiant flash, knowing there was nothing we could do to stop the end.

We opened our eyes to see that death came, but the end did not.

As ghost-like figures we crossed grey fields. Meadows once vibrant and yellow had been stripped of their colour. The sky above, once a rich blue and adorned with fluffy and swirling clouds of brilliant white, was now pallid and pale and sickly. I held her hand tightly as we transcended, together.