I Wrote A Book! Introducing: Palmville

Palmville: a sci-fi adventure comedy that takes a wrecking ball to the fourth wall!

I Wrote A Book! Introducing: Palmville

Well, it's been a little while since I've written a blog post. However, that's because I've been working on writing a book of fiction! It's been a long ride, but it's finished, and today my book is finally published!

I know today is April 1st, but this isn't an April Fools' Day joke. I really truly did write a book, and you can find it on Amazon right now! Here's the cover:


"So what's it about?"
Well, the shortest description is that it's a sci-fi adventure comedy, hence this release date. A longer description would be: It's about an adventure that two people take exploring a small, fictional town, with a few sci-fi elements, where I think I'm funny. The main vehicle that I use to convey my humor is a heavy lean into the "breaking the 4th wall" trope. In the very beginning my protagonist becomes sentient as I try to introduce him. The rest of the book is about me playing the role of a journalist, following him and a friend on their adventures through a small town I made. Weird and crazy things end up happening. It's pretty interesting if I do say so myself.

"So what made you decide to write this book?"
Well, honestly, it's one of those situations where I wanted something to exist, but I couldn't find it, so I decided to make it myself. I have always loved the trope of breaking the 4th wall, but all the examples I've seen haven't taken it as far as I'd like them to. So, I had the idea of a character coming to life as the author created them, and then sat down and started writing that story.

"Interesting, so what are your influences?"
I actually don't have too many literary influences. It seems I've been becoming a reader and writer at the same time. However, specifically for this book, my main influence would definitely be Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. In general I take inspiration from C. S. Lewis and his ability to write both fiction and non-fiction. It can probably also be said that part of my motivation to write this book came from my disappointment in the Deadpool movies not leaning hard enough into the "breaking the 4th wall" trope. Not to mention, they were just bad in general.

"This all sounds pretty different than the other things I've read on this blog. Is there any deep meaning behind this book that you haven't mentioned?"
Nah, not really. It's still me, so there are a few light commentaries sprinkled in, but, even though I do admire C. S. Lewis, there aren't really any moralistic undertones or anything. I just wanted to make good, clean entertainment for anyone to read.

"Okay, well you may have convinced me. Where can I buy this book of yours?"
Aw, thanks! You can find my book exclusively on Amazon; in either ebook or physical editions with links to both below!

Paperback - $6.49

Ebook - $0.99

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