Dimension Defenders

Dimension Defenders

Dimension Defenders is my sci-fi adventure series centered around a group of Defenders from all over the many-verse!
Directed by an artificial sentient intelligence, the Defenders seek to defend the defenseless and bring peace to the many-verse!

Dimension Defenders: Genesis is being released now, right here on my site!

Dimension Defenders: Genesis is a collection of six stories released in episodic format. The first story, The Pilot, is out now with the second story releasing soon! Subscribers have access to Premium Drafts and can read the story as I'm writing it!

In The Pilot, Theovelt finds himself in a strange place where he is recruited as a founding member of the Dimension Defenders. The Dimension Defenders hop between dimensions defending the defenseless and bringing peace to the many-verse! Join Theo as he learns his new role as a Defender and makes new friends along the way!

Season 1: The Pilot Premium Draft 2: War