Dimension Defenders: The Pilot: Episode 11

Dimension Defenders: The Pilot: Episode 11

Episode 11: The Departure

Back on the ground Theo and Val were reunited for a brief moment before being swept up in the largest and strangest celebration they had ever witnessed.

The entire Globinian population was dancing. Though, their dances weren't what Theovelt would exactly define as dancing. Their blobby forms were moving and gyrating well enough, but as they had just discovered music, the history of their dances were rooted in musicless expression.

Theo and Val just watched for awhile as the masses of jello moved in near silence. Soon, though, they gave into the silliness and joined in with the awkward dance. Theo sang a few tunes that he knew to make himself feel a little more comfortable. The Globs astonishingly picked up his tunes quickly and began singing along.

Val chuckled to herself, enjoying the atmosphere of joy. She opened her mouth wide, and Outcast's 'Hey Ya!' began to play.

The party continued on through the night with Val playing a varied assortment of music from across the universe. The only reprieve in the party was for the citizens to formally thank Theo, Val, Rheumik, and Flubbert for all that they did to save their civilization. After that, the party continued until everyone slowly began to fall asleep.

Early in the morning, before the sun or anyone else rose, Theo woke and found Val sitting by herself.

"Last night was crazy," he said. "Thank you for all of your help. You saved all of these people. This planet would be devoid of life if it wasn't for you."

"You were vital as well," she replied. "You helped me get out of that prison, and you calmed the crowd down enough to give me time to work with the wall system."

As she finished her sentence, they faintly heard mechanisms begin to creak and watched as the wall began to descend.

"I guess the water level has sunk enough," Val said.

As the wall was lowering, the sun began to rise. The orange sun cresting over the purple ocean felt like the perfect scene to end their journey on.

"You ready to get out of this place?" Theo asked.

"Yeah, sure. I'm not sure where I'll go after this though."

"Let me contact my boss and see if he has any ideas."

"Arthur," he spoke into his communicator. "We have finished our mission. The planet is saved from the tsunami, and all the people are resting peacefully under the stars. Would you be able to bring me back? Val isn't sure what she wants to do, but her ship isn't functional, so would you be able to help her out and take her some--"

"Actually," she interrupted. "Would there be any chance that I could come with you? Without my ship and without all of my memories I'm lost as to what to do. I really enjoyed saving these people, and if that's something you get to do all the time, then I'd like to join you, if I could. Plus I feel I should repay you somehow for saving me."

"Absolutely, my dear," Arthur said through the pin's speaker. "I believe you would make an excellent addition to our team. Though, I have one last small task for you two. I would like the opportunity to try and recover some of your memories, Val. I need you to go and recover your downed ship. Back at my headquarters we may be able to parse the crash log and discover what caused you to crash."

They agreed, and Val led Theo out of the city into the forest where she crashed. They strode through a dense forest and came to a large clearing centered around a crater, still smoldering. Amid the rubble was her ship. As they approached the downed vehicle, Theo marveled at its expert and advanced construction.

He placed his hand on its cracked wing while Val grabbed the exposed cockpit seat nostalgically. Once both of their hands met a piece of the ship, a hazy cloud of purple foam enveloped them and the ship. A second later all that remained was the crater.

End Season 1: The Pilot