Blog Update!

Blog Update!


I just wanted to write a quick post updating you about some changes that you're going to start seeing on this blog.

First, it got a bit of a face lift. It's mostly the same but looks a little different now.

Second, the content I post will begin to change slightly. Change isn't quite the right term. I will still continue to post my usual commentaries on the Church, but I will begin posting fiction content here as well. This will take the form of short stories, serialized fiction, and possibly full books at some point down the line.

The third update goes along with the addition of fiction content. While I will be posting my fiction works such that they will be free to read, I need to find something else to support my time spent and the expenses to keep this blog running. In order to do so, I have added a paid-member tier to the site.

In the background, I have the ability to list published posts as public, free-member, and paid-member articles. In the past, I have made all of my posts public; I don't want to restrict access to any content centered around Biblical truth. Now that I will be adding fiction posts to the mix, I feel I can play with these different levels of posts.

At the same time, I'd like for people to simply experience the works of fiction that I create and not need to worry about paying to enjoy them. So, here is the breakdown of what type of content will be in each category:

  • Public = Christian Culture Content as well as short stories and at minimum early portions of fiction content.
  • Free-Member = Later chapters and episodes of fiction content will be restricted from full public access in order to prevent bots from stealing content and ensure those interested in the stories are properly updated when new content is released.
  • Paid-Member = Paid articles will be for those looking to support what I do. These will contain early drafts and snapshots of what I am currently working on as well as any other behind-the-scene articles as desired.

The fourth update I have is more of a teaser than a full update. I have been working on setting up a merch store/creative brand that focuses on products made with pieces of artwork instead of generic designs (though there's some of that too). Be on the lookout for that full announcement in the coming months!

Thanks for reading and supporting what I do. I couldn't do any of this without you!